As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, Clouxter empowers the effective AWS cloud services platform. This platform provides secure and cost-effective solutions for collecting, storing, processing, and analyzing Big Data, thereby boosting operational efficiency.

Improve user experience

Generate new business insights

Increase operational efficiency

What possibilities do AWS and Clouxter Big Data solutions open up for you?

  • BI and data analysis
  • Web log and clickstream analysis
  • Data lakes
  • Smart applications
  • Real-time data analysis
  • Event-based data extraction, transformation and loading

Make Clouxter, your AWS solutions provider, your ally to unlock the power of your data.

Why Clouxter?

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we bring a deep understanding of AWS technologies and extensive experience across multiple industries. We help you make the most of your data and gain valuable insights that can transform your business.

Transform your data into a valuable competitive advantage and discover the hidden intelligence within.

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