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Clouxter is an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner. We have specialized in AWS CloudFormation and hold a DevOps Consulting Competency.

Our human team has more than 100 professional certificates in solutions architecture, SysOps administration, DevOps engineering, security specialization, and cloud practitioners. We also participate in partner programs such as the AWS Well-Architected Partner Program, AWS Solution Provider Program, APN Immersion Days, AWS Public Sector Partner, and Public Sector Solution Provider. Our extensive experience and certifications support our ability to provide quality solutions and practices in the AWS environment.

We are AWS Solutions Provider

AWS Badge-Team-2023

Since 2018, Clouxter has been recognized by AWS:

This recognition is due to reaching the Advanced level, for Operational excellence, for the pipeline generated during the year and for the number of certifications achieved.

Reconocimiento Partner of the year 2019

Recognition for being leaders and helping our customers by innovating and building solutions within the AWS Cloud.

Reconocimiento AWS, Think Big Award

Recognition for the leadership of those who think differently and look for alternatives to provide greater services to their clients.

At Clouxter, we are proud and motivated to work hand in hand with the AWS team, aligned in values and ways of offering Continuous Evolution that makes a difference in the path of Adoption and Consolidation of the use of the AWS cloud by all our clients.

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