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What are Clouxter Digital Badges?

Clouxter digital badges are a modern and verifiable way to recognize and validate your achievements and competencies in various technologies and fields, including but not limited to the AWS cloud.

As you progress through your learning paths, accumulate experience, and update your knowledge, we award you badges that reflect your growth and progress. Whether you’re exploring new skills or delving deeper into an area you’re already an expert in, our badges are a tangible way to showcase your achievements and skills in the digital world.

In addition to being a recognition of your efforts and achievements, Clouxter digital badges become a valuable tool in your professional and personal development.

Not only do they validate your knowledge and skills in front of employers, colleagues, and clients, but they also allow you to stand out in an increasingly digital and competitive world. Whether you are working on projects with us, acquiring new knowledge, or even certifying your cloud solutions, our badges evidence your continued adaptation and growth in the changing technological environment.

With Clouxter, every achievement counts, and every badge is a step toward your next big milestone.

Strengthen your digital identity

Stay updated and continue learning

Show skills and stand out

Why Clouxter Digital Badges?

  1. Real-time recognition: Your achievements and competencies are recognized instantly, allowing you to immediately stand out in the digital world.
  2. Verifiable and secure: Each badge is linked to a unique set of data that prevents counterfeiting and guarantees its authenticity.
  3. Shareable: You can easily share your badges on social networks, digital portfolios, resumes, and websites, increasing your visibility and credibility.

For Clients and Collaborators

Clouxter digital badges not only validate your skills and knowledge but also certify your AWS cloud solutions. When you complete projects with us, you receive badges that demonstrate your experience and success.

What Information Does a Clouxter Digital Badge Show?

A Clouxter digital badge is much more than just an icon or emblem; It is a coded representation of your achievements and acquired competencies. Each digital badge contains detailed, verifiable information about:

  1. The badge holder: You are the professional recognized for your skills and achievements.
  2. The issuing entity: This is us, Clouxter, as the entity that grants and endorses your achievement or competence.
  3. The achievement or acquired competence: The skill or achievement you have acquired is detailed, whether it is specific knowledge, a cloud solution certification, or the successful completion of a project.
  4. Criteria met: Specifies what you did or what skills you demonstrated to earn the badge.
  5. The issue date: The moment you achieved the achievement.
  6. The expiration date (if applicable): Some badges may have limited validity, which is also detailed.
  7. Evidence (if applicable): Some badges may include links to jobs or projects that demonstrate your achievement.
  8. Unique URL: Each badge has a unique link that leads to a verification page, ensuring its authenticity and preventing counterfeiting.

In this way, a Clouxter digital badge provides a complete and detailed summary of your skills and achievements, allowing others to deeply understand what you have achieved and what you are capable of doing.

Some of our Digital Badges

Below you will find some of the badges that Clouxter issues to validate clients and collaborators, as they progress with their learning paths, experience, updating and other milestones:

What to do when you receive a Clouxter Digital Badge?

  • Accept the badge: In the email you will receive the badge, accept it and it will take you to the platform
  • Make the Badge visible: You will have it available on your dashboard along with the other badges for which you have been accredited and you will be able to share it.
  • Share: Click on the badge and click “Share”. That will take you to the Badges: Share Badge window, to share it on social networks, website, blockchain and in your email signature

Once you complete the milestone or learning path, you will receive your digital badge

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