AWS Cloud Migration: Services and Benefits

At Clouxter, we are on the cutting edge of Cloud technology. First and foremost, we align your business priorities and objectives with Cloud technology, facilitating a smooth and effective transition.

With our support, we help you make your journey to the cloud cost-effective, scalable, and highly responsive. Our collaboration doesn’t end there; as your trusted partner, we continue with you every step of the way, ensuring that the implemented solutions continue to drive your success and growth in the future.

Migrate to the AWS Cloud reducing time, effort, and complexity. Learn about the benefits:

Improve performance

Provision the exact computing power, storage, and memory you need, improving the efficiency and speed of your operations.

Automate scaling

Define conditions that can automatically expand and reduce capacity based on your actual needs, avoiding unnecessary costs.

Global-scale availability

With AWS, you gain access to a global, reliable, and high-performance IT infrastructure. Your business will always be online and available to your customers.

Protect your data

AWS provides multiple layers of security to help you protect your data, comply with regulations, and maintain your customers’ privacy.

Pay per use

You only pay for what you use, with no initial investments or hidden costs. This allows your company to be more flexible and adaptable.


Access the latest generation of IT tools and cloud services that will drive your business into the future.

We help you define the most suitable strategy to effectively adopt the cloud. Our Migration services include:

  • Migrate infrastructure and applications to AWS from an on-premises data center, third-party, or public cloud provider.
  • Implementation of new infrastructure and applications on AWS.
  • Automation of your entire cloud infrastructure with the latest AWS tools.
  • AWS managed cloud services to complement and expand your existing IT and operations teams.
  • Big data and advanced analytics services allow your cloud applications to transmit, store, and process large amounts of data.
  • Implementation of security, governance, and compliance best practices in the cloud.

We define the most appropriate strategy for you to adopt the Cloud effectively

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