Cloud Security

AWS provides an infrastructure designed with security in mind, but the responsibility to protect your critical data and operations remains yours.

At Clouxter, as your AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, we are here to help you effectively carry that responsibility.

Building a robust security platform: We do more than just configure your Cloud services; we create a solid security platform that defends your data and operations from emerging threats.

Designing an optimized architecture: Our Cloud experts, with over 700 technical certifications and thousands of hours of experience, design an architecture optimized to meet your specific needs for performance, scalability, and security.

Safe and seamless migration to the AWS Cloud: We guide organizations through the migration process, ensuring that the transition to AWS is smooth and secure.

To protect your critical data and enhance security, it’s time to migrate to AWS with Clouxter. Today is the perfect day to start!

AWS security solutions to protect and manage

We help you comply with the most demanding security and privacy regulations, including:

  • PCI DSS: For secure handling of credit card data
  • SOC2: To ensure secure management of customer information
  • HIPAA/HITECH: For health data protection and compliance
  • FISMA: For information security in the federal government

As an AWS Solutions Provider, we ensure that you make the most of the powerful security solutions that AWS has to offer.

At Clouxter, we believe that a safe and smooth transition to the Cloud is not just a service, but a necessity in the digital world. Together, we can transform your Cloud security into an impenetrable fortress

We are AWS Solutions Provider

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