Local Currency Billing: Optimize Your AWS Billing with Clouxter

Are you managing your AWS accounts with a personal or business credit card?

Clouxter, your AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, can simplify this process. Pay your AWS bill through Clouxter, enabling payment in local currency and getting a fully deductible invoice.

Additionally, we will help you Control and Optimize your Cloud consumption.

With our Financial Services and Local Billing, we help you make the most of your cloud investment. We facilitate the payment of your AWS consumption in your currency, with no hidden costs, and we advise you in the creation, migration, evaluation, and improvement of your workloads in the cloud.

Facturación local

Local Billing: You will receive an invoice in local currency at the daily exchange rate.

Beneficios tributarios y deducción de costos, beneficios de facturación local

Tax Benefits and Cost Deduction: You can pay within 30 days at no additional cost and deduct 100% of the paid cost.

TRM Fija mensual, beneficios facturación local

Fixed Monthly Exchange Rate: You will have access to a Dedicated Billing Specialist and AWS Technical Programs.

paga a 30 días

Detailed Reports: You will get reports, consumption projections in your accounts, and support to define consumption limits.

With our AWS Financial Services, you get

With our AWS Financial Services, you get cloud financial management designed to optimize your investment. Including:

  • Compliance with Security Standards
  • Billing specialist by phone and chat 24 hours.
  • Cloud Consumption Optimization
  • Access to AWS technical programs

Why does paying your cloud consumption with Clouxter benefit you?

Choosing Clouxter to manage your AWS cloud payments brings multiple benefits that translate into savings, control, and security. Here’s why it’s a smart choice:

  • Clouxter monitors consumption to alert about abnormal usage.
  • Specialized technical support in Spanish and English.
  • You will have permanent access to current AWS services
  • You will get a fixed exchange rate to control the budget to the maximum

Some of our clients who trust us for their Local Billing

We are proud to collaborate with a wide range of companies in their cloud transition and management. Here we present some of our valued clients who have trusted us with their AWS Local Billing:

Clouxter offers a comprehensive range of cloud services that allow you to focus on your business while we support you in optimizing your AWS consumption.

We are AWS Solutions Provider

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Pay locally for your AWS Cloud consumption and take advantage of our financial and technical benefits. Contact us!


COL > No, in Colombia the Cloud computing service is exempt from VAT by provision of the DIAN according to Official Letter No. 0104 [002130] of 02-03-2020.
MEX > Yes, as long as it is invoiced from the company in Mexico to another company in Mexico. If it is invoiced from the USA to MEX it does not have.

COL > Yes, we encourage our clients in Colombia to apply a suggested rate of 3.5%. DIAN approves cloud consumption under the tax concept of licensing services or right to use software.
MEX > to be defined.

In any case, our clients maintain discretion over their tax declaration.

Yes, as long as you have additional services such as Managed Services or Consulting.

Currently, we provide Local Billing services in Colombia in Colombian pesos, in the United States, Mexico, and Ecuador we provide the service in American dollars.


Yes, in order to provide this service it is necessary to make an advance payment for the entire period to be covered.

No, for 30-day payments, Clouxter does not charge any additional value to the value consumed by the customer in AWS. For payments in terms longer than 30 days, we offer financing solutions to our clients. If you are interested in these financial services, register in the form you find on this pageto obtain more information.

No, the account owner remains responsible for the security and deployment of services on the account, according to the AWS shared responsibility model. Clouxter will assume the relevant roles and permissions granted by the client to access the information corresponding to “Billing”. Within the process, AWS is notified that Clouxter will be responsible for paying for consumption from the agreed activation day.

Yes, with 30 days notice.

After 60 days of non-payment, the services consumed in the cloud will be suspended, and legal collection methods will be activated.

COL > Yes, as Clouxter is a local provider, 100% of the AWS expense can be deducted.
MEX > Yes, the supplier’s expense abroad can be 100% deducted.
USA > Yes.

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