AWS Immersion Day

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What are Immersion Days?

They are an AWS initiative that Clouxter, as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner, has adopted to help you understand and experience the power of the cloud.

What can I expect from an Immersion Day?

During this Immersion Day, you will learn firsthand how to migrate and manage your infrastructure and applications on AWS, how to implement the best practices in cloud security and governance, and how to optimize the performance and efficiency of your operations.

Who can benefit from Immersion Days?

Immersion Days are for everyone: Startups, Public Sector Organizations, or Private Sector Companies. Each immersion day is designed to adapt to your needs and help you maximize the value of AWS in your organization.

Is there a practical session or hands-on lab during Immersion Day?

Immersion Days are designed to be a hands-on experience.

Not only will you learn about AWS solutions, but you will also have the opportunity to apply that knowledge in real-time through practical lab sessions guided by our team of experts.

Is prior AWS experience necessary to participate in Immersion Day?

No, you do not need prior AWS experience to participate in our Immersion Days.

These events are designed to provide valuable learning for both beginners and those with previous AWS experience.

Our team of experts will be available to guide all participants through the various aspects of AWS, regardless of their level of experience.

These events are designed to develop the right skills to create new knowledge, enable new efficiencies, and make more accurate decisions.

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