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The Challenge

BIOFILE is in a strategic moment of growth in its business and needs to focus on its development to better serve its growing number of clients. In this sense, BIOFILE wants to delegate the management of its cloud infrastructure to AWS.

Initially, they had a service that eventually generated slowness and occasional crashes in their web portal, in addition to failures in the generation of reports and data management and performance problems in their services.

BIOFILE hires Clouxter’s Managed Services unit in order to delegate the management of its infrastructure and stabilize its services for its growth.

Strategy and Solution

To address this need, Clouxter Managed Services was hired, which generates a value proposition focusing primarily on stabilizing the operation, identifying improvements, optimizing costs, and making recommendations to optimize the current architecture.

Clouxter began by managing the infrastructure and identifying improvement opportunities in various domains.

For this, it initially focused on the pillar of operational excellence and cost optimization and proposed:

Event Monitoring and Management

Once the onboarding process was completed, alerts were activated to configure notifications that allow for appropriate event management and monitoring through the CloudWatch service. With this, the client began to perceive the benefit of having real-time visibility over their service components.

Capacity and Performance

Corrective actions are implemented in BIOFILE WEB services, including: changing the paging file location and increasing IOPS, thereby achieving improved performance in response times and greater stability.

Backups, Storage and Compliance

Subsequently, a backup solution was configured (duly documented as evidence of ISO 27001) in the cloud with AWS Backup services combined with S3 and Glacier to save rarely used historical data. Before that, the customer performed manual copies to a cloud drive with local copy to disk.

Cost Optimization

Once the services were stabilized, cost efficiencies were identified through Right-Sizing initiatives in EC2 instances, issuing recommendations on the types of instances used, and subsequently fine-tuning costs with the activation of savings plans.


  1. Increase in AWS services, reinvesting part of the profit obtained from the savings achieved in new initiatives: Growth in new AWS services is achieved such as CloudFormation templates, Networking, Cloudtrail, inspector, multisite solutions in EC2, Lambda with SQS, and DevOps.
  2. Peace of mind in loads and security: You get a much more established service with 99.9% availability in your BIOFILE service and the S3 service is used as a secure repository for the PDF files generated by the BIOFILE application.
  3. Long-Term Value: Due to the knowledge gained thanks to the practices and recommendations issued by the technical team in an active co-creation of value with the client, BIOFILE is achieving its expected growth accompanied by reliable solutions.


BIOFILE is a company that drives the health sector with technology and its cloud-based medical and administrative service software that is used by independent medical offices and health centers.

About Clouxter

At Clouxter we enable the adoption path and consolidate the cloud in organizations. Our focus is on DevOps, Migration, Security, and Analytics, providing the key pieces to have a great Cloud strategy. We have extensive experience in different industries such as Banking, Media, Fintech, Public Sector, ISVs and Startups.

We accompany organizations on this path and accelerate their adoption curve, covering the Definition, Planning, Implementation, and Operations of their solutions, through our Professional Consulting Services, Managed Services, and Local Billing.

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