Redeban, Implementation and Migration

The Challenge

To enhance its competitiveness and quickly deliver solutions to its end customers, Redeban decided to take its existing applications to the cloud and develop its new products in this environment. To achieve this, the company had to strategically face various challenges. Among them are:

1. Data security: Redeban handles sensitive and confidential information of its clients such as personal data, financial transactions, and account details. Ensuring the protection of this data in the cloud requires implementing strong security measures such as encryption, strong authentication, and strict access controls.

2. Regulatory Compliance: The banking industry is subject to strict regulations and compliance standards such as the Data Protection Act, privacy requirements, and anti-money laundering regulations. When migrating to the cloud, Redeban must ensure that it complies with these regulations and ensure that the providers of these services meet the required standards.

3. Availability and service continuity: Redeban cloud solutions must be highly available and have the appropriate levels of operational continuity and resilience.

4. Integration of existing systems: Redeban has legacy systems and applications that must be integrated with cloud services. Successful migration involves addressing interoperability challenges and ensuring seamless integration between existing systems and new services, without impacting functionality or customer experience.

Strategy and Solution proposed by Clouxter

To address all these challenges, Redeban signed a strategic alliance with Clouxter to carry out the process to execute the implementation and migration strategy of solutions to the AWS cloud, following the principles of best architectural practices to promote quality attributes. such as scalability, availability, performance, security, and costs among others required by the company.

Subsequently, thanks to an additional effort from Redeban, the scope of Clouxter’s services was enhanced by adding the managed services unit for the operational management of its most important workloads to delegate the management of its infrastructure and operate its services. in the face of its growth.

Consequently, and under Redeban’s leadership, Clouxter’s consulting and managed services units combined efforts and activities, initially implementing improvements and then making an appropriate transition, to achieve adequate operational management for Redeban.

“Clouxter’s knowledge and service has represented an accelerator for Redeban’s journey towards the cloud.”

Johnny Garcia
VP de Tecnología


1. Availability:

With the configuration of AWS services implemented by Clouxter, Redeban managed to obtain 99.99% availability of the solution in terms of infrastructure. To meet this objective, the following practices were included:

  • Using multiple availability zones (AZs): By placing solution components in different availability zones, the impact of a failure in a specific zone is minimized.
  • Data replication and storage: in RDS (Relational Database Service) the databases of production environments are configured with multi-AZ, which allows maintaining a replica in a different availability zone for greater resistance to failures that may occur. In the case of DynamoDB, global tables are used and, for storage in S3 buckets, replicas in other regions.

2. Scalability:

Services in AWS were configured to scale using metrics in Cloudwatch that trigger scaling events if established thresholds are exceeded.

  • Eks: It is configured (HPA) based on the metrics generated by open telemetry and Cloudwatch container insights.
  • Lambda: In projects where microservices are deployed in Lambda functions, scalability is configured through provisioned concurrency.
  • Amazon RDS and Amazon DynamoDB Auto Scaling: Clouxter configured auto-scaling based on capacity and performance needs.
  • S3 and EFS: AWS guarantees Redeban storage scalability.

3. DevOps:

Tasks corresponding to version control were configured for the DevOps strategy; continuous integration (CI); artifact repository; automated testing; continuous delivery (CD); monitoring and feedback; automation and orchestration; and infrastructure as code.

4. Security:

The security strategy at AWS involved implementing a combination of security measures and controls to protect the resources and data managed by Redeban in the cloud.

  • Identity and access: Least privilege policies were established.
  • Network security: Borders were established between application resources through security groups and NACL.
  • Data encryption: data encryption services were used at rest with AWS kms and in transit with certificate manager.
  • Threat monitoring and detection: Amazon GuardDuty and AWS CloudTrail were implemented to identify possible threats to Redeban’s security. Alarms and notifications were configured to receive alerts in real-time.
  • Security assessments: AWS inspector was implemented to analyze vulnerabilities in Redeban processes.

5. Backup and data recovery:

AWS backup was implemented for the data backup and recovery strategy to guarantee the availability and protection of data in case of failures or incidents in Redeban processes.

6. Regulatory compliance:

Amazon Web Services (AWS) is certified as a PCI DSS Level 1 service provider, the highest level of evaluation available, which aligns with the standards required and implemented by Redeban.

7. High availability:

The infrastructure configuration of Redeban solutions uses several availability zones, so that in the event of a failure in one zone, the application component can respond in the alternate zone. This guarantees 99.99% availability of infrastructure components.

8. Agility and speed of deployment:

  • IaC: Clouxter makes use of infrastructure as code (automated) which allows the reuse of some existing artifacts in Redeban processes and boasts a reduction in implementation time by up to 40%, compared to a manual deployment.
  • CI/CD: Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery automation significantly reduced the deployment time of workloads on AWS, substantially improving delivery times, in some cases from 2 weeks to 2 hours.
  • Agility: Redeban’s internal teams achieved greater agility since they can manage faster releases with new features, reducing deployment errors; which results in a reduction in time to market (TTM) for the launch of new services.

9. Response speed:

Clouxter implemented a wide range of security controls and tools in Redeban’s workloads to protect resources and data. The reduction in reported incidents has been 60% and the speed of response to incidents has improved by 30%.

Clouxter is more than a supplier, it is a partner. We can count on you unconditionally to carry out different projects.

Javier Munive
Jefe de Soluciones Digitales

About Redeban

Redeban is the leading company in the electronic payment sector in Colombia, with a 59% market share. In 2022, the company processed 1,661 million transactions for a total amount of $393 billion. As a key player in the financial market, Redeban plays a fundamental role in facilitating electronic transactions in the country, providing efficiency, and security, and contributing to the economic development of Colombia.

About Clouxter

At Clouxter we enable the path of adoption and consolidation of the cloud in organizations. Our focus is on DevOps, Migration, security, and analytics, providing the key pieces to have a great Cloud strategy. We have extensive experience in different industries such as banking, Media, Fintech, Public Sector, ISVs, and Startups.

We accompany organizations on this path and accelerate their adoption curve, covering the definition, planning, implementation, and operation of their solutions, through our professional consulting services, managed services, and local billing.

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