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The Challenge

Our most significant challenge was the rapid growth of our business activities we faced as a StartUp.

This was combined with the need to rely on an experienced ally to assist us in the implementation, improvement, and management of our AWS services to appropriately address our strategic business growth objective.

For this reason, we decided to count on Clouxter’s Managed Services unit, who from the beginning took control of our services and became an important part of our technological operations.

Strategy and Solution

For VOZY, it was important to have a provider that offered 24×7 services that allowed us to have visibility, experienced support, an understanding of our architecture, and an appropriate proposal based on price-value.

Clouxter’s Managed Services unit began by stabilizing the service operation, initially focusing on optimizing infrastructure management and identifying opportunities for security improvement. For this, they initially focused on the pillars of operational excellence, security, and cost optimization by performing the following activities:

Pillar of Operational Excellence:

  • Support in-service stabilization activities where monthly incidents are reduced to an average of 1 incident (average sustained for a year with several months at 0).
  • Implementation of alerts for monitoring all infrastructure components and threshold adjustments to minimize false positives.
  • Automation activities are implemented, among them:
    • Automatic disk space debugging Disk
    • Disk provisioning in order to reduce manual requests.

Pillar of Operational Excellence:

  • Redundant VPNs
  • Creation and consolidation of infrastructure resources to reduce the number of components and services, particularly those of low load and usability, and aligned with good practices and DevOps culture.

Cost Optimization Pillar:

  • Recommendations for cost optimization at the RightSizing level where efficiencies of more than 25% are achieved on monthly consumption
  • Activation of 3-year Savings Plans to complement cost optimization initiatives.

Security Pillar:

  • Improvement of the security architecture and support in activities for ISO 27001 certification.


The implemented activities translated into tangible and intangible benefits for VOZY:

  • More stable services
  • Better projection and cost reduction of up to 25%
  • Greater capacity to use AWS services
  • Better control in monitoring
  • Better monitoring and automatic remediation, reducing human intervention and errors.
  • Increase in security and support in ISO 27001 certification.

It is important to highlight that we have Clouxter with its dual approach since in addition to supporting us in maintaining daily operation stable (running the business), it was also an important factor in business growth (grow the business) with its solutions and recommendations of appropriate infrastructure architectures and services.

About Vozy

Vozy, a Voice AI platform, aids businesses in transforming, scaling, and enhancing customer interactions with voice assistants and conversational AI. Operating in over 5 countries including Mexico, Colombia, and the USA.

Lili Assistant, its artificial intelligence Voice assistant, is the first solution in the region developed in more than 7 Latin American accents, providing a better user experience with natural, almost human conversations.

About Clouxter

At Clouxter we enable the adoption path and consolidate the cloud in organizations. Our focus is on DevOps, Migration, Security, and Analytics, providing the key pieces to have a great Cloud strategy. We have extensive experience in different industries such as Banking, Media, Fintech, Public Sector, ISVs, and Startups.

We accompany organizations on this path and accelerate their adoption curve, covering the Definition, Planning, Implementation, and Operations of their solutions, through our Professional Consulting Services, Managed Services, and Local Billing.

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