Clouxter for Startups

At Clouxter, we understand that a startup is not just an emerging company, but a vision for the future with extraordinary ambitions. With a mix of talent, innovation, and strategy, we support startups on their journey to success.

Our experience with hundreds of projects in the startup ecosystem positions us as your ideal strategic partner in the adoption and consolidation of the use of the cloud. Clouxter is the partner that understands and enhances your vision



At Clouxter, we promote an innovative DevOps model that significantly improves companies’ ability to develop and deliver products quickly, surpassing traditional methods.

Choosing Clouxter for your DevOps transformation means trusting our experience, commitment, innovation, and security, elements that form the pillars of our DevOps offering and guarantee smooth transitions and secure operations in the cloud​​.

Key points:

  • Speed: Acceleration of software delivery and improved time to market​a​.
  • Efficient Scaling: Scale management of infrastructure and development processes.
  • Fast Delivery: Greater frequency and rhythm in product versions​a​.
  • Improved Collaboration: Team integration, sharing responsibilities and workflows​a​
  • Reliability: Stability and quality in updates and infrastructure​a​.
  • Security: Incorporation of security practices into the software life cycle​​.
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Migration and Modernization of Applications

Comprehensive service offers a complete solution for the technological transition and transformation towards AWS, aligning the process with business objectives and promoting agile adaptation to changing market demands.

This unique approach ensures that companies not only efficiently migrate to the cloud, but also transform their application architecture to be more agile, scalable, and future-proof.

  • Data Protection: Cutting-edge security and privacy compliance across all apps and data.
  • Improved performance: Compute capacity, storage, and memory optimized for superior performance.
  • Pay as you go: Financial flexibility with a transparent cost structure and no hidden costs.
  • Scaling Automation: Capacity for automatic adaptation according to business needs, taking advantage of the Strangler Fig methodology for a progressive and controlled transition.
  • Global availability: Access to a reliable and global IT infrastructure, supporting operations anywhere in the world.
  • Continuous Innovation: Emphasize constant technological evolution to quickly adapt to market changes and maintain a competitive advantage.
  • Advanced Tools and Microservices: Access to the latest IT technology and cloud services, with a transition towards microservices to improve flexibility and scalability, breaking down monolithic applications and reducing technical debt.
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Security + Clouxter Sec-Check

At Clouxter, we raise the bar for cloud security with our integrated “Security + Clouxter Sec-Check” solution. This unified offering provides robust, adaptive protection for your data and applications in the AWS cloud, ensuring a secure and reliable environment for your business.

Main Features:

  • Automatic Security Assessments: We perform continuous monitoring and compliance analysis to detect and mitigate risks in real-time.
  • Peace of Mind and Control: With our solutions, you will gain confidence and control over the security of your cloud infrastructure.
  • Personalized Action Plans: We develop specific and executable strategies adapted to the particular needs of your company.
  • Expert Support: Benefit from the constant support of our team of security professionals.
  • Efficiency and Optimization: We implement automated and customized security solutions to improve operational efficiency.
  • Fast and Effective Concept Tests: We verify the effectiveness of our recommendations to maximize the protection of your cloud resources.
  • Ongoing Support: Enjoy constant, dedicated support from our experts to ensure the security and success of your business.
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Well-Architected Framework Review

Comprehensive migration service to the AWS cloud focused on an effective transition aligned with business objectives. This process improves operational efficiency, and is scalable and cost-effective, ensuring continued support for future growth. Benefits include:

  • Performance improvement: Optimized computing capacity, storage, and memory. Optimized computing capacity, storage, and memory.
  • Data Protection: Advanced security and privacy compliance. Advanced security and privacy compliance.
  • Scaling automation: Automatic adaptation of capacity according to needs. Automatic adaptation of capacity according to needs.
  • Pay as you go: Financial flexibility without hidden costs. Financial flexibility without hidden costs.
  • Global availability: Access to a reliable and global IT infrastructure.
  • Advanced tools: Access to the latest in IT technology and cloud services.
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Cloud Governance

We establish a customized cloud governance model to maximize security, cost control, and compliance across your cloud resources.

Key points:

  • Greater Control and Visibility: Informed decisions with full visibility of cloud resources and operations control.
  • Prepare for the Future: Flexible and scalable cloud infrastructure for business growth and evolution.
  • Cost Organization: Budget optimization and maximization of investments in the cloud​a​.
  • Key Pillars Incorporated: Safety, reliability, performance, sustainability, cost optimization, and operational excellence​​.
  • Policy Standardization: Compliance and security through policies adapted to business needs and regulations.
  • Innovation and Agility: Full control over consumption, security, and segregation of workloads in the cloud.
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Managed Services

We specialize in maximizing the potential of your business by managing and optimizing workloads on AWS, offering a comprehensive management service as an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Solution Provider.

Key points:

  • Monitoring: Continuous monitoring of systems to proactively identify and resolve problems​​​​.
  • AWS Compliance Practices: Ensuring cloud security, governance, and compliance.
  • Support: 24/7 technical support with fast response times.
  • Adaptive Growth: Management plans that adapt to the growth of your business.
  • Personalized Administration: Delegation of daily operations, response to incidents, and optimization of services​​.
  • Focus on Business Strategy: Allowing clients to focus on the growth and strategy of their business.
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Billing in Local Currency

We facilitate the management of AWS accounts, allowing customers to pay their invoices in local currency and obtain deductible invoices, thus simplifying the financial and accounting process.

Key points:

  • Payment Facilitation: AWS consumption payment in local currency without hidden costs.
  • Financial Services: Includes compliance with security standards and optimization of cloud consumption​​.
  • Tax Benefits and Cost Deduction: Possibility of paying within 30 days at no additional cost and deducting 100% of the cost paid.
  • Benefits of Paying with Clouxter: Savings, control, and security in AWS payments.
  • Fixed Monthly TRM: Access to a dedicated billing specialist and AWS technical programs.
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Co-investment Programs for StartUps

Discover Clouxter’s co-investment programs, designed to drive the growth of cloud startups. Each program is geared to meet specific needs, from founding to advanced modernization and migration, providing the necessary technical and financial support for your startup to reach new heights in the digital ecosystem.


  • Objective: Establish solid technical foundations for growth in the cloud.
  • Benefit: Up to USD 4,500 in co-investment for foundational projects.


  • Approach: Analytics, IoT, ML, non-relational DB, or Containerization projects.
  • Benefit: Up to 50% in co-investment for modernization projects (*conditions apply).

Well-Architected Framework Review

  • Purpose: Assess and improve workload compliance with cloud best practices.
  • Benefit: 100% refundable up to USD 5,000 per workload.

StartUp Migration

  • Scope: Covers migration costs to AWS for workloads starting at USD 5k MRR.
  • Benefit: No cost + up to 3 months of free consumption during the transition.
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