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Remote Work Ecosystems

Remote Work Ecosystems are a cloud solution that allows companies to work remotely securely and reliably from any time, place, and device.

This solution is better known as desktop as a service, Desktop as a Service (DaaS), and what it does is host the back-end of a Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI) implementation, eliminating the need to install or acquire complex hardware or software.

Remote Work Ecosystems

In many companies, the purchase, renewal, and acquisition of software licenses consume high budgets in the IT area; Therefore, this solution allows cost optimization with consumption on demand and reduces the base of unnecessary technological assets.

What do Remote Work Ecosystems allow in organizations?

Remote Work Ecosystems allow you to gain scalability and grow when required, increase productivity, ergonomics, and accessibility, provide agility without the need to rewrite applications and preserve the functionality, governance, and security of the information.

Remote Work and BYOD (Bring Your Own Device)

It is a solution that supports Windows and Linux operating systems and allows users to access, manage, and store work information always easily and securely, being able to be outside the office and making the BYOD (Bring Your Own) initiative a reality. Device).

This is a trend increasingly adopted by companies as it allows their employees to use personal devices and perform work tasks by connecting to the Internet and securely accessing corporate resources from any time and place.

Thanks to this trend, IT managers increase job satisfaction and help their employees, mobile and remote, access applications and information from any compatible device: PC, iPad, Fire, Chromebook, Mac, Kindle, Android, Tablet, Firefox, Chrome. He also does the same with partners, consultants, and employees.

In the event of an organization merger, provisioning and teardown are quick, easy, and secure as it is deployed within a virtual private network (VPC) and make it easier for users to manage large volumes of persistent and encrypted storage.

Remote Work Ecosystems, Software Testing and Development

Remote Work Desktops allow software testing and development to be carried out without greater investment and inventory as physical hardware implies and create fast and secure applications, always protecting information and intellectual property.

Contact a Sales representative at email: biz@clouxter.com, to enable remote work in your company, securely and reliably at any time, place, and device. Clouxter’s Remote Desktop solution integrates virtual desktops, which simplify operation, administration, and update processes, maintaining the highest security and compliance standards.

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