The cloud, an opportunity for companies

The cloud has positioned itself at the forefront of technology. At a time when the hard drive was previously used a lot to store information, cloud computing has arrived, which guarantees access to data in a comfortable, accessible, and low-cost way.

What are its benefits?

In addition to the common user, the cloud is also an opportunity for companies. In this way, there are the following benefits:

Cost reduction

Instead of spending money on expensive systems and equipment, it is preferable to request a service that connects the cloud with the company and that ends up being at an excellent price.

Productivity optimization

Having files in the cloud involves less loss of time, since, in the event of a failure or difficulty, the data will be insured and available at any time. With the Internet at hand, you can once again have the required access.

Employee Flexibility

Viewing saved storage can be achieved from anywhere. For this, all you need is a good Internet connection.

Effective collaboration

Since the file is in the same location, a project between employees will be optimal and information will be better shared outside of traditional methods.

Constant updates

Thanks to a cloud computing service provider, the system will receive frequent updates due to the recent technology of the moment.

What does it take to obtain these advantages?

To obtain these advantages, it is necessary to guarantee the application of a reliable, safe, and profitable method from a business point of view.

For this, Amazon Web Services (AWS) has developed a guide known as the Well-Architected Framework, which indicates whether a particular architecture, related to cloud computing, meets a necessary practice for the company.

Likewise, it facilitates the development of improvements to qualities if the organization requires it.

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