Scholarship Donation

On January 27, 2021, we will donate Platzi Scholarships in Server Administration and DevOps through the Platzi Educational Platform.

In this context in which digital transformation has accelerated like never before, initiatives are emerging from the Colombian technology sector that seeks to improve the skills of current and future employees and thereby help strengthen the country’s productivity. At Clouxter, we decided to support talents interested in the area.

In a virtual event that will take place on January 27, 2021, we will donate study scholarships in areas of Development and Engineering at Platzi, a Latin American online education platform, which in these fields offers a portfolio with 463 courses.

The learning path that each of the scholarship recipients will have consists of three levels

Basic level

1. Linux Server Administration Course.

2. AWS Cloud Fundamentals Course

Intermediate level

3. Docker course.

4. Kubernetes course.

Advanced level

5. DevOps Professional Course

What will the students get?

Students will receive two mentoring sessions for each course, where they will be able to resolve doubts about the subject from a Platzi professor. Additionally, they will receive reminders about their progress in the program. If they need additional help in the learning process, they will receive additional mentoring sessions to those already planned.

An unmatched opportunity

According to Leonardo Suárez, CEO of Clouxter, “In the era of Knowledge, this is an unparalleled opportunity to contribute to the improvement of people’s skills in issues related to technology and innovation because it will help these people, amid a pandemic, to improve their options for entering the world of work. “Supporting future generations is key for the company.”

Who will be present at this meeting?

The company’s executives will be present at this meeting, as well as the CEO of Platzi, Freddy Vega, and Alex Torrenegra, Colombian businessman, inventor, and investor. He founded several companies, including Torre, Voice123, and Bunny Studio, and is currently participating in the Sony television series, Shark Tank Colombia, a reality show about entrepreneurship and business.

Scholarship Donation

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