Platzi Scholarship Program

On January 27, 2021, Platzi Scholarships in Server Administration and DevOps were donated through a virtual event, in a call that was open from January 25 to February 15 of this year in conjunction with Platzi.

The learning path that each of the scholarship recipients will have consists of three levels

Basic level

1. Linux Server Administration Course.

2. AWS Cloud Fundamentals Course

Intermediate level

3. Docker course.

4. Kubernetes course.

Advanced level

5. DevOps Professional Course

This initiative aims to offer the necessary bases to improve the skills of young scholarship recipients, aimed at digital transformation. A need that many companies are demanding, which results in increased productivity in the country.

The first online meeting among the 100 scholarship holders, Platzi and Clouxter, took place this Tuesday, March 16. This space was an induction to explain the use of the platform, in addition to formally welcoming them to this scholarship program. Students will receive mentoring sessions for each course, where they will be able to resolve doubts about the subject from a Platzi professor. Additionally, they will receive reminders about their progress in the program.

Our CEO, Leonardo Suárez, explained that the selected route will put them at the level that the technology industry needs today.

“For Clouxter, it is key to contribute and provide optimal conditions so that all of you can train and enter the labor market with the best skills and competencies. For us, it is very important to support future generations. We hope that those selected take advantage and awaken their curiosity and interest in continuing to develop. This will be the first step to open new opportunities”

At Clouxter we hope that this is the first generation of many others.

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