Pride Month

Several community members have made valuable contributions to this field of knowledge. At Clouxter we promote inclusion in work and training environments.

The LGBTIQ+ community and tech

On June 28, 1969, International Gay Pride Day, or LGBTIQ+ was born, as a result of the riots that occurred in Greenwich Village, better known as Stonewall, from demonstrations by members of the community in search of vindication of their rights.

52 years after Stonewall, this community has gained leading spaces in different areas of knowledge where the field of technology has been one of the beneficiaries. Among the examples that confirm this, the case of a British mathematical genius stands out; This is Alan Matison Turing (1912 – 1954), considered one of the fathers of modern computer science.

Among his greatest achievements is the creation of the Turing test, a key element of Artificial Intelligence, one of the emerging technologies of the Fourth Industrial Revolution. This man is also credited with the creation of the Turing machine, the precursor of modern computing equipment, and the Bomb machine, an instrument that was used in World War II for the Allies to decipher the codes of the messages transmitted by the Axis powers.

However, two years before his death he was prosecuted and convicted of having homosexual relations. Only in this century were his contributions to universal knowledge publicly recognized and in 2009 and 2013 he received an apology and pardon from the Government and Queen Elizabeth, respectively. This fact not only stigmatized his work but also deprived humanity of his genius.

More inclusion

At Clouxter we are creating spaces so that this community can develop professionally. This year, the Server Administration and DevOps training initiative was born by Platzi, in one of its main purposes is to promote diversity.

According to Leonardo Suárez, CEO of Clouxter, “in the technology sector, there is room for everyone. We have a workplace in our company that promotes equality, diversity, and inclusion. We start from the principle that there are equal employment opportunities for all people. “We encourage them to feel safe and valued”

Leonardo Suárez, CEO of Clouxter

In practice, at Clouxter the corporate status quo is challenged by creating favorable scenarios in which employees are free to express their ideas, problems, and suggestions. He also highlighted the strengthening of values such as honesty and the opening of spaces for training.

Ricardo González, CTO of Clouxter, states that “inclusion is a fundamental factor for the social development of a community and a country. Promoting diversity and inclusion of all people contributes to the development of nations. From companies like ours, we promote this type of process.”

Ricardo González, CTO of Clouxter

The LGBTIQ+ Community is still going through a path with multiple challenges to overcome to close the gaps of inequality and from the technology sector in Colombia, we seek to contribute to making this possible. This month it is important to remember the contribution that each of us can make to achieve a more just, equal, and inclusive society.

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