Webinar “The Fintech revolution”

Did you know that it is expected that in 2022 more than half of the companies in Latin America will integrate Cloud Computing in their management and that this will generate a revolution in Fintech?

When will the Webinar “The Fintech Revolution” take place?

Next Wednesday, November 4, 2020, we want to invite you to the Webinar “The Fintech Revolution” organized by Semana Magazine at 8:30 am.

Who will be present at the Webinar “The Fintech Revolution”?

Join our CEO, Leonardo Suárez, who will be alongside Erick Rincón, President of Colombia Fintech Iberoamérica, Marcos Grilanda, Regional Manager of Amazon Web Services, Cristina Cervantes, Co-General Manager of Resuelve Tu Deuda Colombia, and Guido Quaranta, CEO and Founder of Se Socio, sharing ideas on how to continue advancing and maintain leadership amid the dynamism that the industry is presenting of Fintech.

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We are waiting for you!

Webinar “The Fintech revolution”

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