Clouxter and Sempli Alliance

Sempli is a Colombian Fintech that provides loans and credits to small and medium-sized businesses in order to allow them to access resources for working capital and growth. Most of them have had to incur high financing costs or do not have the resources to do so. That is why, with simple credits and loans, Sempli is committed to the economic growth of the country by supporting the evolution of these companies rapidly and innovatively.

Clouxter and Sempli Alliance

Clouxter and Sempli an alliance in constant evolution

On August 20, Clouxter and Semplice celebrated an alliance for their #SempliConecta and #Innovadores35 programs, created for business connection and collaboration. Through these programs, Clouxter helps SMEs accelerate their adoption curve, covering the definition, planning, implementation, and operation of their technological solutions, through our professional services in consulting, managed services, and local billing.

Learn more about this alliance and its benefits at the following link: Sempli Conecta

Leonardo Suárez, CEO of Clouxter, who was the #EmpresarioSempli during October 2020, shares his path as an entrepreneur in the following video:

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