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What we learned at AWS re:Invent 2023

AWS re:Invent is the largest event of the year for cloud computing professionals, builders, customers, partners, and technology enthusiasts.

From November 27 to December 1, the 12th edition of re:Invent was held in Las Vegas, offering keynotes, innovation talks, construction labs, workshops, demonstrations, service announcements, and much more to inspire us on our journey by cloud 2.

As a Cloud Computing services company and AWS partner, we attended the event to learn about the latest news and trends in the sector, as well as to connect with other experts and opinion leaders.

In this post, we want to share with you some of the main announcements and learnings that caught our attention.

Generative AI: the future of artificial intelligence

One of the central themes of re:Invent 2023 was generative AI, a branch of artificial intelligence that uses deep learning models to generate new and original content from existing data. Generative AI has the potential to transform industries such as entertainment, education, healthcare, design, engineering, and many more.

AWS presented several new features related to generative AI, such as:

  • Amazon Q: A new Amazon QuickSight capability that uses generative AI to assist users in data analysis. With an enhanced Q&A experience, users can generate stories that examine their data, see executive summaries of the data in seconds, and answer data questions not answered by dashboards and reports 1.
  • AWS Clean Rooms: A new solution that helps protect user privacy with mathematically supported and intuitive controls. AWS Clean Rooms allows customers and partners to apply machine learning models without sharing raw data. Additionally, AWS Clean Rooms Differential Privacy enhances the protection of user data privacy with differential privacy techniques 1.
  • New generative AI capabilities for Amazon DataZone: A new feature that can automate the traditionally labor-intensive process of cataloging data and dramatically reduce the time needed to provide context to organizational data 1.

New solutions for data storage and analysis

Another highlight of re:Invent 2023 was the launch of new solutions for data storage and analysis, making it easier to access, manage, and process large amounts of data in the cloud.

Some of the most relevant developments were:

  • Amazon Redshift Serverless: A new Amazon Redshift option that allows users to run SQL queries against data in Amazon S3 without having to provision or manage any clusters. Amazon Redshift Serverless automatically scales performance and resources based on demand, and only charges for the resources used 1.
  • Amazon OpenSearch Service: A new way to query operational logs in Amazon S3 and S3-based data lakes without needing to switch between services. Amazon OpenSearch Service also introduces highly durable clusters with a 30% price/performance improvement over existing instance types 1.
  • Amazon Neptune Analytics: A new analytics database engine that makes it faster for data scientists and application developers to analyze large amounts of graph data. Amazon Neptune Analytics lets you run complex graph queries and get insights and trends from relational data 1.
  • Amazon FSx for OpenZFS: A new fully managed file storage service that delivers superior performance and support for workloads using the OpenZFS file system. Amazon FSx for OpenZFS allows users to take advantage of advanced OpenZFS features such as compression, deduplication, encryption, snapshots, and replication 1.
  • Amazon FSx for Luster: A high-performance file storage service that now supports linking multiple Amazon S3 buckets to a file system and automatically exporting file updates to Amazon S3. These features improve the flexibility and durability of data stored in Amazon FSx for Luster. 1.

Discover the benefits of migrating to AWS

Another of the most anticipated announcements of re:Invent 2023 was the presentation of new chips and models designed by AWS, which offer unprecedented performance and efficiency for computing, machine learning, and graphics workloads.

Among the most notable new features are:

  • Amazon Q: A new chip designed by AWS that uses generative AI to create optimal quantum circuits for quantum computing applications. Amazon Q is the world’s first quantum chip that can run universal quantum algorithms with greater than 99.9% fidelity 4.
  • AWS Inferentia2: The second machine learning inference chip designed by AWS, delivering up to 4x the performance of AWS Inferentia. AWS Inferentia2 supports leading machine learning frameworks such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet, and supports mixed-precision models such as BFloat16 and INT8 4.
  • AWS Trainium: The first machine learning training chip designed by AWS, delivering the best performance and lowest cost per floating point operation in the industry. AWS Trainium supports leading machine learning frameworks, such as TensorFlow, PyTorch, and MXNet, and supports mixed-precision models,
    like BFloat16 and FP16 4.
  • AWS Graviton3: The third general-purpose compute chip designed by AWS, delivering up to 2x the performance of AWS Graviton2. AWS Graviton3 supports major software platforms including Linux, Windows, Amazon Linux, Ubuntu, Red Hat Enterprise Linux, and SUSE Linux Enterprise Server 4.
  • AWS Nitro Enclaves: A new feature of AWS Nitro System that allows users to create isolated and secure computing environments within Amazon EC2 instances. AWS Nitro Enclaves help protect sensitive data and critical applications from external and internal attacks 4.
  • New Amazon Bedrock Models: A new Amazon Bedrock option that allows users to choose from a variety of pre-trained and customizable machine learning models for their computer vision, natural language processing, and data analytics applications. New Amazon Bedrock models include models for object detection, facial recognition, machine translation, reading comprehension, text generation, and more 4.


AWS re:Invent 2023 was an event full of innovation, learning, and fun. As a Cloud Computing services company and AWS partner, we are proud to be part of this community and to be able to offer our customers the best cloud-based solutions.

We hope you found this post useful and interesting, and that it gave you an overview of some of the most important new features of re:Invent 2023. If you want to know more about how we can help you harness the power of AWS, don’t hesitate to contact us.


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