3 Major Myths About Cloud Computing

Understanding what’s next in cloud computing is essential for businesses at all levels. Managers are taking advantage of the opportunities offered by the cloud to develop new business models and forge closer ties with their customers, employees and partners. It was initially adopted for cost savings and efficiency reasons. Today the cloud has become a driving force for innovation in all organizations.

People have developed a misperception based on ignorance, creating some myths about cloud computing. Here are some misperceptions:

Cloud is not secure

The Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud is completely secure. Using AWS, you gain the control and confidence you need to safely run your business.

As a Clouxter customer, you will benefit from AWS data centers and a network designed to protect your information, identities, applications, and devices.

We take care of privacy. Our cloud migration service is supported by a secure global infrastructure. The customer owns their data, including the ability to encrypt it, move it, and manage retention.

All data flowing across the global AWS network interconnecting our data centers and regions is automatically encrypted.

The cloud is not reliable

Our Cloud services are completely reliable. For example, by using the AWS cloud, some organizations have been able to reduce unplanned outages by 32% and planned downtime by 29%.

Furthermore, with cloud computing, you avoid overprovisioning resources in advance to manage peak levels of business activity in the future; on the contrary, you acquire the resources you really need.

You can scale these resources to instantly increase or decrease capacity as needs change.

My company does not need to migrate to the cloud

Large, medium, and small companies benefit from cloud services, and taking advantage of advantages such as security and profitability significantly improves their performance.

You can deploy technology services in minutes and go from idea to implementation extremely quickly.

This gives you the freedom to test new ideas that make a difference in customer experiences to transform your business.

With Cloud services, you dedicate yourself to projects that differentiate your business and not to the infrastructure.

Cloud Computing allows you to focus on your customers, instead of spending time on the arduous task of setting up and stacking servers and getting them up and running.

Let us accompany you on this path and accelerate your adoption curve, covering the definition, planning, implementation, and operation of your solutions, through our professional consulting services, managed services, and local billing.


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