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Control y prevención of the Ministry of Health, is a mobile application of the national government of Colombia, used to strengthen the monitoring of public health risks associated with the coronavirus. Those who register with this tool can report their health status, contributing to the location of the virus in the country.

Clouxter supported the implementation of the app by provisioning the necessary services in the AWS cloud to support the demand that was forecast for the app, currently 9 million downloads and 6 million active monthly users. For this task, Clouxter architects worked together with the development team of the Agencia Nacional Digital (AND) to make the design decisions.

Regarding the technical proposal, Clouxter and the AND team implemented the network designs where the VPC contains public and private networks. Resources such as databases and ECS services are deployed on private networks with security groups to limit public access. Fargate services were deployed to reduce administration tasks and costs.

Mobile Application Case - Minsalud Diagram - Agencia Nacional Digital

Clouxter applied best practices to ensure data protection in transit and at rest. This includes a complete key and parameter management model using AWS KMS (Key Management Service)/AWS System Manager Parameter Store; management of users, roles, and security policies with IAM (Identity and Access Management) and SSL certificates, protection of incoming and outgoing traffic to the solution.

As a result of the implementation of the solution on AWS, Control y Prevención at the Ministry of Health went into production in less than 2 weeks and is offering the symptom and care registration service in the mobile application that can be downloaded from Google Play and app store.

Regarding the business relationship between AND and Clouxter, work is currently underway on the administration of the services deployed in the cloud to guarantee the correct functioning of the app.

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About Agencia Nacional Digital

The Agencia Nacional Digital (AND) is a non-profit entity of a private nature, with public participation, attached to the MINTIC. Its objective is to energize the construction of a more efficient, transparent, and participatory State. To achieve this, the AND supports public entities in the automation, digitalization, and implementation of digital transformation projects.

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